This page provides the steps to follow to create a workflow in mGramSeva.

Here is the reference to workflow service of DIGIT. You can refer here and understand more.

For creating workflow in mgramseva below are the steps-


Workflow Creation in mGramSeva

Follow these steps to create a workflow in mGramSeva:

  1. Check Existing Workflow:

    • Utilize the provided Postman collection that includes workflow create and search APIs.

    • Use the search API to check if the workflow for the specified state already exists.

  2. Workflow Creation:

    • If the workflow is not present, proceed to create it using the create API.

    • Ensure to provide the necessary details in the userInfo section, give superuser information.

    • Adjust parameters like tenantId and roles according to your specific requirements.

  3. Port Forwarding:

    • Execute port forwarding to the workflow service using the following kubectl command:

      kubectl port-forward <pod-name> -n mgramseva

      Replace <pod-name> with the appropriate pod name.

  4. Create Workflow:

    • After port forwarding, initiate the workflow creation process.

  5. Search Through API:

    • Use the search API to verify that the workflow has been successfully created.

    • Adjust the search parameters as needed.

These steps ensure a smooth workflow creation process in mGramSeva. Make sure to follow each step in sequence for a seamless experience.

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