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Introducing mGramSeva

Mobile app designed to collect, manage revenue and expenditure

About mGramSeva

A mobile-based application that enables the gram panchayat water committee to collect & manage revenue and expenditure.
mGramSeva is an application that has been developed as part of the iFIX Exemplar in Punjab. It enables rural local bodies to manage revenue and expenditures related to water supply projects using a mobile app. The app is meant for members of the water management committee and collection agents. The collection agents can add consumers (or households), and generate bills, and receipt acknowledgements.

Problems Addressed

The Finance Department and Water Supply and Sanitation Department have limited visibility over the fiscal sustainability of water schemes and get hit by the sudden demand for large funds to clear electricity bills.
The Department of Water Supply & Sanitation (DWSS) faces several problems due to the lack of financial visibility of schemes:
  • Unreliable and poor-quality of water
  • Inability to collect adequate water charges
  • Lack of visibility of revenue and expenditure information
  • Large amounts of pending electricity bills
  • Large unplanned expenditure to pay pending bills
mGramSeva helps digitise revenue and expense records of Gram Panchayat Water Supply Committees. The dashboards and data insights provide visibility of the GPWSC financial status to the DWSS and FD officials.
The app provides:
  • Digital way to maintain the revenue and expenditure records
  • Easy to share reports over WhatsApp
  • Updated information on consumer satisfaction/quality of services
  • Dashboards for a snapshot of collections and expenditures to the Sarpanch/other GP officials
  • Further details of collection from each household provided for easy management


mGramSeva posts standardized fiscal events on the fiscal information exchange (FIX) platform. The events are processed and provide rich insights to the users through the fiscal sustainability dashboards.
mGramSeva Solutions Approach
The key benefits of using the mGramSeva app are listed below:
  • Digital book-keeping
  • Maintain all receipt and expense records in digital format
  • Easy consumer and vendor account generation and updation
  • Easy to use and environmentally friendly
  • Simple mobile app - saves time
  • All accounts maintained digitally - saves paper
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Handover of records from one to another Sarpanch - easy and transparent
  • Dashboards to give easy and effective visualization of GPWSCs
  • Helps in better planning and efficient fund management, leading to better services
  • Information sharing about GPWSCs’ performance with citizens helps build trust and confidence
  • Online and cash payment
  • Online payment through multiple options - Netbanking, Credit/Debit Card, Mobile Wallets
  • Cash payment is also available
  • SMS alerts
  • Digital bill and receipt on registered mobile numbers
  • Active SMS alerts
  • Consumer rating water quality
  • Citizens can rate the quality of water services in villages/wards
  • Easy to identify problems and improve water services
  • Full or partial payment
  • Option to make a partial payment of bills


mGramSeva offers multiple features required to manage revenues and expenditure (listed below).
  • Create and maintain household registers
  • Collect payments
  • Download bills & receipts
  • Add and update expense records
  • Generate demands and bills
  • Create and edit consumer details
  • Access insights through rich dashboards

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